Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yoshiaki Fujitani

Yoshiaki Fujitani is born on August of 1923 in Pauwela, Maui. He is the second of eight children born to Kodo and Aiko Fujitani.

Educated in Japan, Kodo is a Buddhist minister from Shimane-ken.

Considered a "potentially dangerous enemy alien," Rev. Kodo Fujitani is arrested on April 28, 1942. He is held at Sand Island until May 23, 1942. Rev. Fujitani is sent to Lordsburg, New Mexico (June 18, 1942 - June 14, 1943), where he refuses repatriation to Japan.

He is then imprisoned in a Department of Justice (DOJ) Camp in Santa Fe (June 14, 1943 - November 14, 1945). Despite this, Yoshiaki volunteers to serve in the Military Intelligence Service (MIS).

On furlough during training at Ft. Snelling, Minnesota, Yoshiaki visits his father in the Santa Fe DOJ Camp. In the photo to the right, Yoshiaki had his father Kodo stand on a rock so the son would not be taller than the father, a sign of respect.

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Note: A book is being written about the men imprisoned in the Santa Fe Department of Justice Camp. More information provided later. An interesting story is that these were educated men (priests, teachers, community leaders, etc.) - one of them translated the Geneva Convention into Japanese and went from camp to camp explaining the rights and protections the Geneva Convention granted to the prisoners.

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