Friday, June 8, 2012

"You're Not Special" Graduation Speech

David McCullough, Wellesley High School English Teacher, Tells Graduates: 'You're Not Special'

 My favorite part: Don't just do things for the sake of personal accomplishment or self-indulgence, but because “you love it and believe in its importance.”

 Link to video is in this article:


Soos said...


It was good to meet you on Wednesday! Let's discuss Sadako & what you need from us potential crane folders. Mebbe you can at least send me a tip sheet on the whatalls of Crane 101 in anticipation of the forthcoming Crane Manifesto.
About being special: Verizon Wireless asked what advice we should give graduates. I would say: Be humble. Be responsible. Be thoughtful. Be thankful. Be joyful. I think that covers it all. None of us ever get anywhere completely on our own. If we do, all it proves is we don't know how to ask for help. And probably don't know how to give it in return.
Today I talked to a 14 yo who's going to HCC in August I hope he learns some of those things before he gradumacates.
Last week a patron asked about a library process, and I explained it. But I really wanted to say, "You're Not Special." I actually want to say it at least twice a day. As much as 6x a day!
Have a great weekend,

Shari Y. Tamashiro said...

Haitai Suzanne! Nice meeting you as well.

lol. Crane 101 is on my task list. Would love to discuss cranes with you at a later date. :)

I love your advice to graduates. Short and to the point. AND it fits in the card. :D