Monday, September 1, 2008

My South America Trip Comes to a Close

I'm a huge fan of malbec. I was determined to bring as many as I could home. :) I went on a hunt for malbec. Augustin Kanashiro wrote down a location (Winery) and where to go.

I hopped into a cab and managed to find the Winery. The clerks spoke no English (and I stink at Spanish). Through many gestures and drawing things, I selected 9 fabulous wines.

I was concerned about how I would get it home and have it survive check-in. They put the wines in styrofoam, stacked them up and strapped it together. They covered that with brown paper and assured me that it would hold. !! I was skeptical until they put a bottle in the styrofoam pack and started slamming it against the counter with gusto. :) no problem!

I get my precious cargo loaded into a cab and head back to the hotel. The driver can't find the street to the hotel, so I get out and haul the box for a couple of streets. whew!
When we get to the airport, I get the box shrink wrapped for extra protection. Just in time, John Tasato kept eyeing the box and asking when we were going to start drinking. :)

The Luigi Bosca, Rutini and Tahuan were lovely. Cheers!

Note: I breezed through customs with my treasures. Yay!

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