Thursday, October 30, 2008

Remembering Hideko Masaki

On my trip to South America, I got to know Hideko Masaki. The first time I really talked to her was during lunch at a Chinese restaurant on our first day in Sao Paulo. We all opted to introduce ourselves. I started off and Hideko was next. 

She talked for quite a while about her life (which was varied and very interesting). As she wrapped up, I remember her grinning and saying, "I know I've talked for a long time but I'm old and I have a lot to say."

I remember thinking, "How cool is this lady?!?!" 

Hideko was in a car accident ten days ago and died from injuries sustained in the crash. She was 76 years old. I went to pay my respects at her service today and to support her daughter Mavis. 

It's a shock that she is gone. In my memory. . .I see the spunky and sassy Hideko. And always,I think back to our first meeting and remember how very cool she was. Ciao Hideko.

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