Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Asako's 77th Birthday!!!

Our group gets to the airport and checks in our bags. While we're waiting around the terminal, Asako confides that it is her 77th birthday. I sneak away and drag Rick to go look for something celebratory. I get a huge chocolate muffin and gather everyone around to sing Happy Birthday to Asako. I almost ROFL when Rick lights his cigarette lighter to substitute as the candle.


After we finish our song, one of the other ladies tells me we should sing a song for Rick. She suggests, "Hawaii Aloha." When I tell her I have no idea what the lyrics are, she whips a much folded and aged copy out of her wallet!!!

Uncle Tom comes strolling up with a coffee cup in his hand and tells everyone to make a circle around him and hold hands. Uncle Tom does a beautiful rendition of the song and we all back him up (our rendition was not so beautiful but it was loud). [Here's Bruddah Iz's version]

Man, we made a ruckus but it was such a wonderful and spontaneous thank you. Awwww. . . .

Rick did such a great job guiding us around the city. If you ever take a trip to Sao Paulo, I highly recommend him! :)

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