Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eating Our Way Through Sao Paulo Begins

We go to lunch at the Municipal Market. Lonely Planet recommended trying the bologna sandwich?!?!? We go to Hocca Bar and order the bacalhau pastel and bologna sandwiches. Whew! Tasty but SALTY.

The marketplace is amazing. There are vendors selling fruits, spices, cheeses, peppers, cachaca and paella pans 10x bigger than your head!

I'm thirsty from all the salty food so Rick shows us the places that make drinks. First up: Acerola and Cashew Fruit juice. It was thick and nice tasting. Didn't realize that cashew was a fruit!!

Next up: Guarana.

Last: Fresh Acai!!! Needless to say, I don't recommend drinking three energy drinks like that in a one-hour span. I was HOPPING.

We had a hard time locating everyone in the market when it was time to go, so Richard started whistling through his nose to gather us together. I think I prefer the Okinawan style whistling, though I still drool when I try.

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