Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sheraton Iguacu: Argentina

We take a bus across the border to Argentina and check in at the Sheraton Iguacu. Chris and I get to be roomies! Yay!

I find it great that the hotel sticks a piece of kale in the fruit arrangement!

We have dinner and some lovely malbec. It's great to look up at the stars and listen to the falls in the distance. btw: The hotel has FIVE pillows per bed.

We get a wake up call at 6 am. I opt to eat breakfast outside, listening to the birds and soaking in the views by a really cool fig tree!! We set off to catch the train to see the top of Iguacu Falls or the Devil's Throat.

On the way we see these really cool coatis (hog-nosed coon)!!!

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