Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Japan town (I forget the real name)

The rest of the group is shopping. I'm not interested so I go walking around with Chikako. The graffiti around the freeway is amazing. Dogs lie about on the sidewalk and look dead. Even the ground is interesting to look at with their Okinawan looking tiles.

An Okinawan man is standing at a corner handing out something. He asks us if we are Okinawan. Gets excited when we say yes. He asks "karaoke" and pulls out song lyrics and starts singing Enka to us.

We end up in a grocery store and check out the supplies.

Asako and I copy the artwork and start stretching. The rest of the group jumps in. While Richard laughs at us from his perch on a fire hydrant and Rick joins the Hawaii gang and starts wearing his lei.

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