Friday, August 22, 2008

THANK YOU Chris Yano!

So we finally get to the hotel and I get to take a hot shower that is just HEAVENLY. Mind you, we have been traveling for almost two days and we're pretty ripe. Almost everyone on the tour opts to rest.

I am so grateful that Chris Yano was on the trip. I found someone I could explore and walk the streets with. I loved wandering around with Chris and finding out of the way places. THANK YOU CHRIS! We wander about Sao Paulo and get a taste of the city on Avenue Paulista.

Let me tell you, crossing the street in Sao Paulo is SCARY. It really feels like drivers speed up when you put a foot on the road. Chris is just standing on a street corner and almost gets hit by a bus taking a too wide turn! In the beginning, I just shadow the locals when crossing the street but by the end of our stay, I can handle crossing the streets (like a native!), even if I have to pound on the hood of the oncoming car.

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