Friday, August 29, 2008

Exploring Buenos Aires

I skip breakfast at the hotel and go exploring the area around the hotel. It's such a beautiful city with incredible architecture. There is the danger of getting hit by water as the shopkeepers throw out water to wash off the sidewalk. :)

One of the most amazing sights are the dog walkers who walk so many dogs at one time!!

We visit a leather shop. I love the leather made from the capybara, the largest living rodent in the world. Check out the capybara hat. You can't see it but he's wearing matching boots!

We visit another parilla. The lambs look like a satanic ritual, huh? We were offered a sizzling platter of offal, internal organs and entrails, as a start. I had a hard time with the sweetbreads and intestines. But hey, put enough chimichurri and anything will taste good, eh?

I love how simple the plating is at the parilla. We got our slab of steak on a plate. That's it. :) The meat was very good. There were also sides of pommes frites (french fries) as well.

And of course, Richard had to try to abscond with some of the firewood.

We visit La Recoleta Cemetary, where Eva Peron is buried. The graves are above ground and seem more like masoleums. You can peer in and see coffins! I'm fascinated by the stained glass, the multitude of cats and the one celtic grave.

Okay. I don't want to dwell on how bad Marianna and Nippon Tourists are but I have to share this story. We stop off at a park where Marianna tells us, "Here is a beautiful rose garden. Many beautiful roses. You will want to take many photos, hmmm?" We ask her where the garden is and she languidly waves her hand and says that it is that way. She stays in the bus to talk on her cell phone.

We get to the garden and find it locked up and shut down. The garden is fallow. Even Amy is not skinny enought to get through the bars!

At this point, it's so unbelievable it is funny. I make Marianna get out of the bus and explain why we stopped there but she is unperturbed. Oh well. It's a beautiful day and we get to play with a lovely dog and his owner. Kozue and I play amongst the trees.

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