Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dinner: Braz

Lonely Planet's Guide to Brazil recommended pizza at Braz. A group of us head over there. We start off with a salami bread that is divine. We follow that with a fresh heart of palm salad. It cracked us up that the olive oil is a brand called, "Mr. Man."

Then the pizza arrives. OMG. Best pizza I've ever had. Apparently, Brazil has a large Italian population. The Caprese is everyone's favorite. Caprese: "Tomato sauce and mozzarella in oven. Topped with slices of fresh persimmon fruit type tomato, slices of crafty buffalo mozzarella and large basil leaves with black olive sauce." Hmmm. . .what are makes mozzarella crafty!??!

Okay. I have to share a story about Dr. Leon Serafim. After perusing the menu, he opts to get some kind of pudding dessert thingy that comes on a spoon. A discussion ensues about how the spoon is too manini and it would be better served on a ladle We decide to dub him, "Leon, the Ladles Man" and name ourselves "The Ladlettes."

Postscript: At the end of our meal, a hush falls over the room as these tall blonde men dressed in pearl gray suits come walking in. The waitstaff rush to serve them and in complete silence, the men sit down at their table. We concoct stories about who these men are. Leon thinks that they're remnants of the Germans who fled to South America after the war. . .

After dinner, Kozue and Mary help me hunt for a payphone so I can call Tomomi and arrange to go drinking. We cannot figure out how to work the payphone! Turns out you need a phonecard. We find a convenience store and the smallest card is R$20. Eh!

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