Friday, August 22, 2008

Chinese Food in Brazil? Ugh!

So the entire group (including the people who went to Peru) join up. We go to a CHINESE restaurant for lunch. Chinese food in Brazil?!?!?! Ten courses of pretty gosh darn awful food.

The really, really, really awful food was mitigated by the excellent company. Our table opted to introduce each other. I start off. Hideko followed and talked for quite a while. :) She ended by saying, "I know I've talked for a long time but I'm old and I have a lot to say." How cool is that?

Actually, introducing each other was a really cool thing. The people at the table were the only ones I really got to really know during the trip! By sharing our backgrounds, we found so much in common! Turns out Mr. & Mrs. Tanaka hail from Mililani and their son played baseball with my brother Eric and that they would potluck with my parents!

Robert Itoman has an interest in orchids and knows John Obata, the native plant specialist I was working with.

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