Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Part II: Brasil a Gosto

Lonely Planet said that a MUST was dinner at Brasil a Gosto, a slow food restaurant specializing in regional cuisine, in the Jardines area. Clarence and I decided to check it out. Ran into Hiromichi Nago and invited him and Chikako to join us.

I got the concierge to BEG and PLEAD with the manager to give us a seating. I have no shame when it comes to food. :) The meal started with the manager telling us that they believe the have a social responsiblity to preserve the cooking methods and foods of the peoples of Brazil. We got to sample really local flavors. I was so happy. I had been yearning for this (especially after all the sushi they kept giving us).

What followed was a three hour tasting menu that was HEAVENLY. Accompanied by Brazilian wine and caipirinha, it was the best food I ate in Brazil. I meant to write down what we ate, but I was too busy enjoying the meal.

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