Thursday, August 28, 2008

Devil's Throat, Argentina

Iguacu Falls on the Argentina side is amazing as well. We had a top view of the falls and in the distance could see where we were the day before. There were hundreds of little black birds flying in and out of the water. It was stunning.

Leon was going to take a photo of us but we noticed a HUGE black bug on his lei. I didn't tell him until I could get a good shot of it first. Was that mean?

Butterflies kept landing on us!! They really liked Jimmy Serikaku. One of them decided to be a ring for me.

I wish we had more time to hike and explore. This place is incredible. I definitely want to return. l-r: Amy & Toshiko, the fabulous mum & daughter pair; Hiro Nago striking a pose; Chris trying to take photos of the falls through the grating. Below: Robert, Rodney and John hanging out.

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