Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Centennial Celebration Speeches

Feeling a bit out of sorts from lack of sleep.

We go to another Okinawan center for another centennial celebration. Lotta speechifying again which is perfect because I promptly went to sleep. I wake up hours later when this guys trods on my foot - just in time for lunch!! :) The others left me asleep thinking I needed the rest!

They really went to town on this one. Two whole COWS roasting on a spit! a pig too! Heh. And of course, MORE TABLES OF SUSHI! For some reason, they separate locals from the foreigners. We're put in different tents for lunch. :(

Brazilians do this really cool snapping with their fingers to say hurry up! I tried but I guess I looked like a crazy person because they told me maybe I should stop.

Edu manages to find me in the mob and we got to hang out again. Yay! Entertainment starts with modern dance, which made me think of monkeys. Then they acted out the story of immigration from Okinawa to Brazil. It's a good program. Augh! Just as the eisa come out, they tell us the bus has come and we have to leave!! [Isn't the costumes in the lower right photo crazy? Love it!]

While we're waiting for everyone to gather, they start a kachashi. Chris starts dancing and then WHOOMP! all these guys zoom over, surround her and start dancing with her! :)

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